About me

Photography is to live,  to feel,  to breathe, it´s passion. It takes you to new places of the imagination. It makes you see  people, places and everyday moments in a different way. It puts life in a single frame, let fashion be reflected in a single frame. It can tell a whole story, a real feeling, and it can show how unique and unrepeatable fashion is ... Life in a single frame... Photography makes it possible.

​I'm Horacio Macalpin, and this is my work, and my passion is to make moments last forever, and leave something unique in a frame.​

Advertising Photography, Editorial , Fashion Portrait, Modeling Books and General Portraits


Photographer since 5 years ago, starting as a family and wedding photographer, after that, I started doing fashion photography, and here is where I found what I like in photography, since then, I do photographic books for models, photography for catalogs, photography for magazines and fashion editorials, I also worked with the best Mexican internationally renowned fashion designers,  for example Edgar Lozzano, Carlos Sotomayor, Maritza Peña, Benito Santos and Alejandra Aceves.

I'm currently the Photo Director at Move Fashion Magazine and also Public Relations Coordinator of this magazine.

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